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Berkeley County Economic Development Update: 2020

Last evening I attended the Berkeley County Economic Development Update 2020. It was hosted by Carnes Crossroads and held in The Green Barn.

Berkeley County has clearly done a tremendous job attracting and building relationships with many industries. By working with these industries and providing unparalleled training and support, companies like Volvo and Google are fueling the local economy.

By attracting new industries, not only are jobs provided to residents, the taxes paid by these businesses allow Berkeley County to invest back into the county and increase the quality of life for its residents — all while keeping taxes low for homeowners.

Here are some highlights Berkeley County uses to attract industries:

🏭 Powerful portfolio of existing and new industries

🌴 Located in the Charleston Metro Area

⚓️ Access to Port of Charleston and ✈️ Charleston International Airport

🏗 Strong infrastructure for abilities and transportation (power, water, sewer, gas, rail, interstate, barging)

🏆 Award-winning workforce development programs

🙋‍♀️ Ranked 8th in the nation for attracting talent

🏫 Access to colleges and universities

🎩 Attracted 30% of SC’s capital investments in 2018 (2019 numbers not yet available)

🏥 Strong hospital system (including MUSC)

🧐 Lowest tax millage in the state

🏘 Available and competitive housing costs

— Ryan

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