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Charleston Local Events - February, 2020

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

February means the ever popular SEWE! (The Southeastern Wildlife Expo.🦆) We always recommend checking out some of the events — worth it!

Here is Charleston’s Calendar of Events for February: #thingstodo


1: 3rd Annual Pup Bowl, The Oaks

1: Save the Light half marathon and 5k, Folly Beach

7: Kathleen Madigan, Chas Music Hall

8: Bacon and Bourbon, Chas Convention Center

9: 6th Annual Coffee Fest, Lo-Fi Brewing

9: Illuminate Charleston, N Chas Marriott

9: 21st Chefs Fest, N Chas Conv Center

13: Pints for Preservation, Home Team BBQ downtown

14: Kansas, N Chas PAC

14-16: SEWE

15: Ellington at Newport, Chas Music Hall

16: Bill Maher, N Chas PAC

20: ArchiTALK, SC Society Hall

21: Good Catch Oysterfest, Aquarium

21: 31st Annual Chocolate Affair, Trident Tech

22: Napoleon Dynamite, Chas Music Hall

23: Lowcountry Irish Fest, Chas Music Hall

27: Amy Grant, Chas Music Hall

29: Jupiter Coyote, Chas Music Hall

29: 16th Annual Mardi-Crawl on Leap Day, Shem Creek

29: PBR Rodeo, N Chas Coliseum

As always, if we missed something, let us know and we’ll add it to the list. 🙏🏻

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