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Is Grey and White still a thing in 2021?

Recently I was asked about home interior colors.“It’s 2021! When is all the white and grey going to end???”

I can’t speak for other areas of the country, but in Charleston, South Carolina—it’s already started.

Yes, we still see a lot of white and grey in both new and recently renovated starter and mid-range homes. But there is definitely a shift in the higher end houses. The shift hasn’t been dramatic, but we are starting to see warmer tones creeping back in—paint colors, fixtures, and accents.

Where once the walls were a cooler grey is now giving way to a bit warmer toned “greiges” (the term for a blend of grey and beige).

Natural woods, bold contrast colors, and brass and gold elements are also becoming more common.

Hard grays and whites can make an environment feel too cool. Too sterile. But the warmer toned greiges can feel a bit more inviting—while still feeling light, clean, and airy.

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