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School Resources

School Resources for the greater Charleston, South Carolina area

All parents want the best for their children — it’s what parents do. And good schools are no exception. Below you will find two resources to help determine which schools might be right for you.


The first resource is from the South Carolina Department of Education. This site publishes each school's report card as graded by state standards. 

The second and third resources are and Both are third party websites that keep public statistics and parent reviews for each school.

SC School Report Card

SC School Report Cards

Boy with DIY Robot


These three resources should provide you with a good starting point for researching which schools you would like your child to attend. Being confident in your school choices will help you decide which area is best to purchase a home. Of course, we strongly advise that you confirm with the school directly that the home you are looking to purchase is within the correct boundaries (unfortunately, these boundaries do change from time to time). 


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