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COVID-19 & Adapting To A Changing Environment

Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) things are changing in the real estate world. While we hope this situation will be resolved in the short term, we recognize that there will be a lingering impact. Real estate is changing. It’s becoming more virtual — and we are quickly adapting to this new environment.

We’re launching 3 new initiatives to better serve our clients.

The first is our Clean Home Initiative. This is a series of guidelines and procedures designed to minimize exposure risks and promote the safety of our buyers, sellers, and agents.

The second is our Virtual Home Buying Program. This program will allow our buyer clients to go through the entire viewing and purchase process virtually, or with very minimal physical contact.

The third is our Virtual Home Seller Program. Just like our Virtual Home Buying program, this program will allow sellers to go through the entire home selling process virtually, or with very minimal physical contact. We’ll also be providing additional marketing strategies designed to promote the home visually, so home buyers can fully view the home without physically being present.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.



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