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Fall Home Buying & Selling: A Good Idea?

South of Broad Street, Charleston, South Carolina.


Is fall a good time to sell or buy a home? This is a common question we hear, and it’s often fueled by a common misconception.

It’s true that home sales pick up in the spring and summer. They also tend to calm a bit in the fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean buying or selling a home in the final months of the year will have a negative outcome. In fact, fall and winter might be ideal timing.

There’s never really a BAD time to buy or sell a home. In this market, there’s always demand for quality, well-maintained homes that are priced well—especially in the greater Charleston area. (We’re just too popular.😁)

So while home buyers tend to slow down their home searches in the fall and winter months—many home sellers wait to list their homes as well.

This can bring a bit of balance to the housing market—only the serious are buying or selling homes after schools start back and the holidays are looming.

And there are a couple of key advantages….

For home buyers, this can mean fewer people competing to buy the home you love.

For home sellers, it means fewer looky-loos and tire kickers. It also means fewer listings to compete with.

Yes, there are a few “different” things to consider when buying or selling a home in the fall and winter months. But this is easily navigated by an experienced agent prepared to guide you through the process and get creative with the marketing.



Interested to know more? Let’s chat! There’s no commitment or pressure—just a casual conversation about your goals and how we can help.

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