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Virtual Client Meetings

The Cigar Factory in Charleston, South Carolina.

Early virtual client meetings while on the move.⚡️☕️

I actually like the flexibility of virtual meetings. I know “Zoom” isn't everyone's cup of tea (or coffee, in this case). But the ability to connect with busy or out of town clients — on a more personal level — has allowed us to better understand their needs and help them meet their goals.

There are things that email, text, and even phone calls can't always accurately convey — nuances such as tone, posture, and facial cues are all a part of human interaction. Too often these are lost in less personal forms of communication.

Of course, nothing connects us better than meeting in person, face to face.

What are some of the benefits to meeting virtually when discussing real estate? It allows us to present our services via our visual consultation, review real estate listings, take a “live” look at the comps, and answer any questions in real time.

While virtual meetings aren’t practical everytime we need to convey information, they are an invaluable tool whenever possible.



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